So much more than just hitting back!

Although learning how to defend ourselves physically is important, our capacity to keep ourselves safe begins within, through our ability to confidently assert ourselves in all circumstances, define and enforce our limits respectfully yet firmly, be aware of potential dangers in order to avoid them, and to stand strong and be true to ourselves, always.

That is Self-Empowerment.

Important because...  

...the strength and confidence self-defense gives us is unparalled in the prevention of violence... and it can save your life and that of your loved ones! We know how physical self-defense can seem aggressive--most of us don't want to be violent at all and forcing ourselves into someone's space and hitting them back, even though justified, goes against everything we believe in...  However, 

Consider the following... 

Studies show that by fighting back

verbally and/or physically, we are up to 91% more likely to avoid experiencing sexual assault...

We develop ferocity, not aggression...

              • It is about giving ourselves the tools to resolutely keep us and those we love safe
              • The more experience we have, the more confidence we have in our skills
              • That confidence projects as strength, the number one deterrent to violence
              • Knowing we can respond, and have choices as to how we respond, is what brings us peaceful calm and awareness in our every day lives

Women's Self-Defense Classes

In our classes, you will...

  • Develop and strengthen your self-confidence, your capacity to assert and repect yourself, to communicate clearly, to be calm and detached and to take your power back, in all circumstances
  • Learn the most efficient striking and evasion techniques, that are easy to integrate and replicate
  • Learn how to protect and defend yourself in all types of situations such as standing or ground altercations, in the street or in small spaces...
  • Learn to get passed your inhibition to hit back in order to deliver maximum impact counter-attacks with minimum force 
  • Replace the freeze reflex with a continuous, deliberate and resolute counter-attack untill you can ensure your safety and that of your loved ones
  • See how you can be both compassionate and firm ,  caring and powerful, peaceful and fierce
  • Integrate, beyond combat skills, a complete arsenal of preventive and tactical measures in order to reach the ultimate goal:

Avoid / Manage all physical and psychological altercations with calm, confidence and determination

Self-Respect and Self-Empowerment are at the very CORE of all our classes

Each participant is constantly encouraged to push themselves all the while

respecting their limits.

Our Program

After 10 years of teaching,

we are making one of our dreams come true!

New Program, Same Purpose

Coming September 2018 - Stay Tuned to Know More!

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Private Coaching & Classes




Whether you are feeling disconnected from yourself, want to learn to defend yourself for travel or every day life, have passed or current trauma you wish to overcome or simply want to be the best and most accomplished version of yourself, our private coaching will get you there, you have our promise. 

Contact us to see how you can

stay safe, stay strong and stay true to you

now and always!



Getting Stronger, Together

Whether you are a non-profit looking to cater to the needs of your members, a company wanting to keep your employees safe or provide an activity with punch (!) or whether you are a group of friends wanting to share an awesome activity together, we would love to create your event with you!

Let us know what you are looking for

& we will make it happen, together,

based on your wants and needs!



in the Face of Charity-Intrusion

A story about how even charity fundraising can be predatory and how, no matter how off guard we may be, we can always take our power back.


Femme qui défend (efficacement?) son cellulaire!

Un de mes clips préférés, une jeune femme sur son cell se le fait piquer. Elle réagit promptement, contre-attaque avec férocité et détermination, met le voleur au sol et récupère son cell... Elle est absolument géniale par ailleurs, certaines attentions doivent être portées...

Some blogs are in French, some are in English...

It all depends on the inspiration of the moment!

Join us and find strength, inspiration and fun,

all in one!
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