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Why We Are

Our Passion, Our Purpose


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Why the Phoenix


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When can I start?

Our classes are on-going throughout the year so you can join our classes whenever you wish! And if you take up a membership, it will be from date to date, that simple!

Can I do a trial class?

Of course! Your first class is free so you may assess if our environment, our crew, our teaching methodology and content suit your needs and objectives.

How do I register?

You register the next time you train with us after your free trial which gives you time to ponder your experience and maximises the length of your membership since it starts on your true start date!

Do I have to do all the classes of each week?

You train as many times as you wish each week. It's all a question of your availabilities, needs and energy level--make sure to respect yourself, at all times, and come to your heart's desires!

What equipment/clothing do I need?

For the bottom: We always recommend pants for training to protect the legs especially when training on the ground--jogging, cargo, yoga, pilates types work great.

For the top: a t-shirt with short (or long) sleeves is best both for ourselves and our training partners' for hygiene purposes.

For the feet: Our facilities are completely matted so we train barefoot, with socks or with specialised training shoes (very few of our practitioners wear such shoes--they are mostly worn by those who train many hours a week in both women's and co-ed's classes). All other equipement is on-site even training gloves!

​How old must participants be?

What matters most to us is maturity. The youngest participants we have had were 14--some are still with us, some have left. Each person is different reagardless of age and must decide for themselves what suits them.

For parents wishing to enroll their daughters, it is imperative that they be clear as to what their motivations and objectives are--these cannot be classes participants are forced to do. On the other hand, as a parent you must be aware that we regularly discuss and address violence in very real ways. Also, some of the techniques we teach are quite dangerous, some even lethal--it is therefore extremely important that you be comfortable with the introduction of such realities to your daughters.

I don't exercise--do I have to be fit to join your classes?

No! Come as you are--you will acquire strength as you train, plain and simple. Just be patient with yourself and you will get there! We've created these classes specifically so that all women may have access to this extremely important work.


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