My mission is to help women to not only feel strong but to be strong - stronger physically, stronger psychologically by providing them a safe environment as well as training that is  personaly adapted, allowing them to:

      • Develop greater confidence in their physical skills and mental strength
      • Erode their fears and inhibitions so they may assert themselves confidently
      • Confront all psychological limits, surpass them and strengthen the mind

With this in mind, I am committed to pursuing my own training in order to always offer state of the art self-defense techniques and principles as well as the most appropriate teaching methods for such training. One of my goals is to ensure realism and to eliminate delusions such training can induce. The objective is to go beyond a superficial integration of self-defense techniques and to strengthen the human, at all levels.

For years, I have trained, explored and integrated various approaches to create the method and environment that I was looking for. I am passionately dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself and I look forward to meeting you! 

Here's to Self-Empowerment, together!

A few words on fitness conditioning in our classes 

Prior to training in combative martial arts, I would avoid exercise at all costs!! Genetically lucky, I felt I didn't need body conditioning until I discovered how bad my breathing was, how my muscles held no strength or intelligence and how my nervous system was constantly jacked up making my whole body tense, all the time!

I therefore chose to change my career so to provide the best tools, concepts and principles that I have researched, tested and/or developed, always looking to provide you with classes that are always different and evolving. I can only hope that by doing so, you will feel the joy of working out, differently, and benefit from it as quickly and easily as possible.

We will do exercices meant to both strengthen and relax and recover our bodies to ensure continued balance. You are all welcomed no matter your fitness level--it's by practicing that we develop greater fitness and health!

Here's to training and getting stronger and fitter together!

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