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(The website is a bit intense... Calling is better!)

Human Trafficking

Montreal Sexual Assault Center 


Sexual Assault

Montreal Sexual Assault Center 



This is a way for you to report violence you have seen or lived/are living

anonymously or not

Together, with each of your reports, we can make a difference!

We will put all of your reports together and talk to your school's administration on all of your behalfs!

We are here to help you

If you need help for something that happened somewhere other than school, we are here for you, whatever you need... Just contact us anytime!


We will believe you

We will listen to you

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That is a promise!

Do you wish to give us your name or remain anonymous? This is totally up to you: we will totally respect your desire to be anonymous. If you do give your name, it will help us get more witnesses and more proof. It is as you wish! :) Required field!
Please let us know what happened... This is often the hardest part... Please let us know what happened--the more details the better: dates, times, locations and actions: what they did, what you did, what you saw... Do you prefer talking instead of writing? Let us know and we'll contact you. Just give us your info below! Required field!
Where did it happen? DId it happen at your school, at home, at a friend's, in the street, somehere else? If it happened at your school, be sure to write its name Required field!
Who is the person responsible? Please let us know who acted violently: their name if you have it, what school they go to, their grade/age... The more details you give, the more we can help you put an end to this... Required field!
Is there anything you are worried about? Reporting violent acts is extremely brave! We know how difficult it can be... Is there anything you are worried about, anything you would like us to help you with? Required field!
Have you spoken to anyone about this? Have you tried to talk to someone, have you gotten the support and help you needed? Please tell us a bit about that... Required field!
If we need more information or have questions, can we contact you? Required field!
Would you like to stay informed of the developments? If you wish, we can let you know what we are doing and what the results are... Required field!
If yes, how would you prefer we contact you? You can choose more than one option Required field!
Email / Cellphone # Based on your previous answer, please write your email and/or phone # so we can reach you if we need / you want us to Required field!
Please tell us a bit about yourself What school do you go to, how old are you, what grade are you in? This information is to help us know what really happens in schools so we can make your schools safer by telling them what is happening and making laws better! Required field!

Here's to Knowing More!

Links, vids and all kinds of info will be uploaded here so please keep coming by for more!



Things you've seen or questions you'd like answered?

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Am-I in a

Healthy Relationship?

Here's a test

you can take to help you with that question here!

Dating violence can happen to anyone:

Any age, any gender identity, sexual orientation, economic reality...

What is dating violence?

Check out the answer here...

Animated video 

of a girl who lived dating violence

since she was 13, for 5 years!

This story is a very real example of dating violence and can help you see if that is also what you or a friend are dealing with in your own life... 

This is an important story bravely told by a quirky girl...

Do you want to talk or get help for you or someone you know

who is in a violent relationship?

Contact SOS Violence Conjugale

They are experts and wonderful at listening to you and telling you where you can go to get help.

1 800 363-9010

(the site is only in french but their help line is bilingual :) ) 

Topics to Come...

We promise to get you this info asap!

In the meantime, you can always contact

- Cool and Informative Self-Defense & Empowerment Vids -

We believe in the power of information! So come back soon to see the vids you've seen in class as well as new ones!

- Bullying -

There will be links for you if you are being bullied, if you are bullying, if you are seeing bullying, to get help and end the violence around you.

- Home Violence -

Home violence is a very difficult reality to deal with. Although we know what is going on at home is wrong, we also usually really love our parents and don't want to get them into trouble... There will be links here to help you navigate what you are going through and get the help you need, as you need it...

- Sexting: what happens when your personal pics are distributed to others or on the internet? -

This reality is so difficult and so prevalent in our times... Not only is the breach of trust devastating but the teasing and bullying that usually come with it are also very damaging... Hang in there, there is help for you!

- Sexual Assault -

In this section, we'll give you tons of information to help you understand what SA is, to give you support and to help you heal, and to give you ideas of how you can get justice...

- Human Trafficking -

Human trafficking is basically when someone uses you to make money for themselves. It is mostly through sexual acts  and most cases are here, in Canada while others get transported to other countries. Human trafficking is a form of slavery and is extremely dangerous. Although scary, this can happen to anyone, as young as 11-12 years of age, here in Canada!  There have also been cases of young women still going to school and still living at their parents while being forced into sexual acts for money.  Although scary, we believe you need to know what this is so you can recognize it immediately and avoid it or get out of it as soon as possible... We will provide you with all the information you need here...

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