In our classes, you will...

  • Develop and strengthen your self-confidence, your capacity to assert and repect yourself, to communicate clearly, to be calm and detached and to take your power back, in all circumstances
  • Learn the most efficient striking and evasion techniques, that are easy to integrate and replicate
  • Learn how to protect and defend yourself in all types of situations such as standing or ground altercations, in the street or in small spaces...
  • Learn to get passed your inhibition to hit back in order to deliver maximum impact counter-attacks with minimum force 
  • Replace the freeze reflex with a continuous, deliberate and resolute counter-attack untill you can ensure your safety and that of your loved ones
  • See how you can be both compassionate and firm ,  caring and powerful, peaceful and fierce
  • Integrate, beyond combat skills, a complete arsenal of preventive and tactical measures in order to reach the ultimate goal:

Avoid / Manage all physical and psychological altercations with calm, confidence and determination

We develop ferocity, not aggression...

              • It is about giving ourselves the tools to resolutely keep us and those we love safe
              • The more experience we have, the more confidence we have in our skills
              • That confidence projects as strength, the number one deterrent to violence
              • Knowing we can respond, and have choices as to how we respond, is what brings us peaceful calm and awareness in our every day lives

Class Format

Self-Respect and Self-Empowerment are at the very CORE of everything we do.

Each participant is constantly encouraged to push themselves all the while respecting their limits. 

Whether the attacks are physical or psychological, our classes will allow you to learn to

  • Ensure your physical and psychological security with a maximum of detachment
  • Take a stand and assert yourself
  • Replace fear and panic by strentgh and confidence in your skills

The presented techniques are

  • Simple and efficient – size and strength are not as relevant
  • Quick and easy to learn and replicate
  • Based on the most sensitive and accessible hitting targets


  • Develop self assurance and confidence in one's skills
  • Develop an acute sense of the environment, others and oneself
  • Learn to defend oneself physically and psychologically by integrating both preventative and reactive measures
  • Replace the freeze reflex with the reflex of decisive continuance
  • Overcome inhibitions to assert and defend oneself
  • Increase physical and psychological strength

Achieved by...

  • The constant repetition of the basic techniques
  • Physical conditioning meant to surpass ourselves at all levels
  • A constant reminder of the importance of both physical and psychological preparation
  • The use of equipment in order to push oneself further in the accomplishment of the techniques, safely
  • Pressure testing opportunities so to challenge and confirm one's skills
  • Visualizations allowing the integration of techniques in the nervous system, accelerating the learning process
  • A global approach to the individual, focused on both the physical and psychological repercussions of such training


Techniques, in application

 Techniques are mostly practiced on punching bags and human held pads. 

Bag and pad work allow the individual training to :

        • Perfect their strikes, with greater strength, without fear of injuring the partner
        • Develop sensibility and awareness of the impact of their strikes
        • Progressively diminish their striking inhibitions
        • Feel the effect on a "human" and adapt accordingly
        • Develop confidence in their striking power

and to the individual holding the pads to :

        • Overcome their fears of strikes
        • Use the feeling of the impacts to gauge their own, increasing their sensitivity and confidence in their own ability 
        • Strengthen themselves while challenged by a more chaotic situation 

Direct contact work is meant to :

        • Live a more realistic version of the work
        • Decrease discomforts related to physical contact - the greater the comfort, the greater the strikes
        • Erode fears of hits and inhibition to defend oneself at a deeper level
        • Improve proprioception - awareness of oneself and the opponent's position in space



All direct contact is done with control and respect, at all times.

The objective of this work is to practice more realistically, safely. 

Invincibility is utopia. Strength and skill, these are achievable 

Our mission is to help you develop and assert 

your physical and psychological strength with detachment.

All you need to do is get here. We'll do the rest!

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